Vinyl Toilet Decor & an Inspiration Board

As you might recall, we purchased our home early this year and it was boring-builder-grade! We have big plans for the place {eventually}, but for now I am trying to come up with affordable or free solutions to spice things up a bit. Now that I’ve started decorating little man’s room, I am itching to get at the bathroom…they’re going to be somewhat matching with a cohesive nautical theme. One of my plans is to put up bead-board in the bathroom, with blue paint on the top half of the walls. This would be a great way to bring in some pizazz; but, I know that’s going to be a weekend project which we don’t currently have time for. So, to bring in a pop of color {and some fun} I made a vinyl cut-out for the toilet!



  1. Missy says

    how in the world do you keep from getting water all over the floor when your shower curtain wont close? Maybe that paddle is not such a brilliant idea.

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