Tame Your To-Do List

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Our family has one master calendar that is jam-packed with stuff from myself, my husband, and the kids. It’s nice to know when my husband has to stay late at work,  when my son is going on a field trip or is off from school, and when I have an important coffee date meeting. All of these things can quickly get overwhelming at a glance, so each of us has an assigned highlighter color that I use to keep everything in order. While I love keeping the calendar together, what really keeps me in order on a regular basis is my to-do list. (It helps that it’s pretty) …

Tame Your To-Do List with Sharpie and Atkinson Drive

Because I’m a tad bit OCD when it comes to completing tasks, I highlight each item as I finish it. It’s actually a really great habit to be in because it gives a sense of accomplishment which keeps me motivated … and we all need a little motivation sometimes! I popped into Walgreens the other day and decided to run down the school supply aisle. I spotted these awesome new Sharpie Clearview highlighters, and HAD to buy them. How cool is it that you can actually see what you’re highlighting?! Love them!

Tame Your To-Do List with Sharpie and Atkinson Drive

Throughout the years I’ve accumulated a lot of tips for how to stay on task. Today, I want to share a few of my favorite, most helpful, to-do tips with you!

– First … and by far most important … is to set a timer for each task you’ve given yourself. Whether it’s a 5-minute job or one that’ll take you an hour, always set some sort of timer. If the project isn’t complete when the timer goes off – too bad! OK, I know that sounds harsh, but for real. You can always come back to it when the rest of your list is done.

Make your list according to priority. Of course, the most important item should go at the top – with the least important at the bottom. That way you know the “must-get-done” items will be finished before the day is out!

Tame Your To-Do List with Sharpie and Atkinson Drive

– Focus on one task at a time. Moms are notorious for multi-tasking. I know … I do it all the time. But when you’re trying to complete your to-do list, it’s super important to focus on each individual job until your timer goes off (see note 1).

Be realistic about the number of items you put on the list. If you know your Wednesday is packed full of after-school activities, don’t try to fit 25 items on your list. It’ll just frustrate you when they don’t get done! It’s better to have too few items on your list than too many.

Tame Your To-Do List with Sharpie and Atkinson Drive

– BONUS TIP: This one is really important … and I think a lot of moms tend to struggle with this. But to really tame  your to-do list, you have to learn to say NO!

 And … because you are so awesome, I’m offering you a FREE download of my to-do list!



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    I’m totally a list girl! I have post-it notes full of lists everywhere! There is definitely something motivating in being able to cross off something on the list, and then something so satisfying when the whole list is checked off! I love how organized your printable is though… I think I’m going to give it a try :)

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