Scoop & Dump Sensory Play

When our Indiana winter quickly turned to summer a few months ago, I was really struggling with what activities my 2-year-old cutie would enjoy. I was definitely not prepared for warm weather, but it was here so there wasn’t much to do but take it in stride and enjoy it!

After seeing so many sensory bin activities on Pinterest, I knew I could whip up something fun and entertaining that wouldn’t require money, or a trip to the store.

I quickly grabbed a Tupperware container and a large plastic mixing bowl, along with some scoops, spoons, and other kitchen items.

Into the bowl, I dumped some dry pasta, rice, and lentils. After taking the activity outside, I let little man go at it to see what he could figure out from this odd mix of items.

He quickly discovered how much fun this “Scoop & Dump” sensory play activity was! Every time he would take the mixture from one container to another I would say “Scoop” and then when he let it go I would say “Dump.” Before I knew it, he was saying the words on his own while scooping and dumping. What a proud Mommy I was!

After 30 minutes {an eternity for a toddler} of this fun activity we took a snack break.

Little man played with this sensory bin on and off for a few weeks before the ingredients were scattered all over the yard and I finally took back ownership of my kitchen utensils. Not bad for a free, fun, educational activity!

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