Rustic Glam Bedroom Mood Board

Slowly but surely, I have been getting our master bedroom together. The space is a large rectangle, and I have struggled for almost a year with how to use the space. However, I think I’ve finally gotten a good plan in place, and now it’s just a matter of putting it into action.

Master Bedroom Floor Plan | Atkinson Drive

Here is what I’m thinking…

I already have my mint desk at the entrance to the bedroom. It adds a nice pop of color, especially when the doors are open.
An 8×10 rug would be nice to anchor the large, open space in the center of the room. On the rug, I’d like to add a few slipper chairs and a loveseat so the husband and I can sit and read at night.
The bed is currently on the far wall with our nightstands on either side. It really helps to make the room feel cozy, but spacious.

Since you have an idea of my layout for the room, here is the mood board. I’m going for a rustic glam feel…what do you think?

Rustic Glam Bedroom Mood Board | Atkinson Drive

1. Sheet Metal 2. Dover White 3. Faux Taxidermy 4. Liverpool Wall Light 5. DIY Headboard 6. Stripe Duvet Cover 7. Sun Shine Art 8. DIY Barn Door 9. Hello Gorgeous Sheeting 10. L-O-V-E Pillows

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