“Play Like A Pirate” Printable

*To My Readers: Sorry for such a short post today, the family and I are visiting the husband’s parents and re-stocking the Atkinson Drive store. We’re up in the country and internet is hard to come by. So, this is short and sweet…I hope you like it! :-)

Last week you might have caught a glipse of this fun Pirate printable during the reveal of the pallet wood shelves for little man’s bedroom.

Isn’t it awesome?!? This is so perfect for little man’s nautical themed room.

He, obviously, doesn’t really know what this means yet – but I even love the mentality here. We’ve struggled a lot lately in our household to break from work and just have fun together. This printable sums it up nicely. Work hard, play hard. There’s nothing wrong with having fun once you’ve done what’s necessary. Anyway…enough of my little “speech”…here’s some pictures of the printable hanging in little man’s room.

This could be amazing blown up as an engineering print, or cut out of a bright-colored vinyl and put on the wall, maybe printed on a pillow…the options are endless.

The FREE printable below is made to be printed on a standard piece of printer paper. The one I made for little man’s room is on kraft cardstock to give it more of a manly/rustic vibe. I’m even thinking about burning the edges to make it look like an old treasure map!

Click on the image below to access the FREE download.


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