All-Seasons Front Door Wreath

I absolutely love this wreath from Teach. Craft. Love. I have been obsessed with it since I saw it months ago on Pinterest. This quickly created some determination in me to make a beautiful front door wreath for myself.

As I was perusing Michael’s one day I found a similar wreath base to this one and picked it up. During that same trip I picked out some pretty ribbon to match the outside color-scheme of our house, as well as silk flowers to decorate with. Boy, I never realized how expensive fake flowers can get! I quickly adjusted my plan and decided to make a small cluster of 3 flowers on my wreath instead of using 5 large flowers.

Wreath base
3 Silk flowers
2 Ribbon spools
Hot glue gun & sticks

As soon as you get home, break out the hot glue gun and unpack your wreath supplies. Glue the end of the ribbon onto the back side of the wreath and proceed to tightly wrap the ribbon around. I had to use 2 spools of ribbon to cover the amount of wreath I wanted to cover, but you could use more or less according to your aesthetics.

Next, pull the flower buds off the stems and hot glue them in a cluster onto the ribbon part of your wreath. I am planning on painting our house numbers onto our front door {eventually}, so I opted not to go with the house numbers on the wreath itself. If you want to go that route, though, simply paint the numbers with a matching color & hot glue them up.

Hang your wreath up and fall in love with how polished it makes your house look!

Send me some of your beautiful front door wreath creations!

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    I’ve had this saved in my Pinterest forever. I really want to make the Monogrammed version, but I’m a bit stumped as to how to attach the M. Is it foolish to think Hot Glue would suffice?

    • says

      I would think if you use a light-weight monogram hot glue should be fine. If you’re planning on using a wooden letter, though, I would suggest using some sort of twine or wire painted the same color in addition to the hot glue {just to be sure it will stay up}.

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