Monday, August 20, 2012

Mom's Test Meal Mondays #4 + A GIVEAWAY!!

Welcome to week #4 of Mom's Test Meal Mondays!!! 

I'm so excited to be showing off my new design this week!  I know it's been on the blog for a few days now so some of you have already seen it but this is sort of a 'reveal' week!  I am so happy with the design!  I was able to work with an amazingly talented woman ~ Colleen from Paisley Boulevard ~ who was so incredibly easy to work with!  Seriously y'all, I told her the couple of things I wanted out of the new design and she ran with it!  I did not have any ideas of how I wanted the final design to look when we started but I wouldn't change a thing now that we are done!! So seriously, if you are even thinking about a new design, buttons, signature, anything, Colleen is the woman to call on!!!

I also am taking today to celebrate another little blogger milestone ~ reaching 100 GFC friends!!!  I actually let this come and go without even a 'Thank You' to all of my wonderful readers!  I'M SO SORRY!  I couldn't do any of this without y'alls support so I've reached out to some of my friends to help me make it up to you!  I have 9 amazing women offering my readers 9 amazing prizes!  I'm going to introduce them all to you in just a sec, but let's talk about why you all came here in the first place!


This week I am breaking my rules!  It's a FREE FOR ALL!!  Whatever you've got, bring it (as long as its a recipe)! No theme! No limit on the number of link-ups!  We're celebrating here people!!  Show-Off!!  Grab a button, make some friends, let's have some fun!!

So let me now introduce you to your hosts & the prizes they are offering!!

Print of Choice from
Jenny @ The NY Melrose Family
Large Ad Space + $5 Etsy Store Credit from
Pamela @ Pamela's Heavenly Treats
Medium Ad Space from
Sara @ You.and.Me.are.We
Custom Designed Blog Button from
 Colleen @ Paisley Boulevard

$5 Starbucks E-Gift Card from
Carrie @ Frugal Foodie Mama
Ad Space from
Katie @ This Is My Life

Basic Ad Space from
Melanie @ Bear Rabbit Bear

$5 Starbucks Gift Card from
Julie @ Jam's Corner

Medium Ad Space from
Margaret @ Raising Bean

Do I have some great friends or what??  I just want to say thank you to all of these lovely ladies who have offered their time & friendship to help make my site a success!!

So let's party!!!

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