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The other day the little guy and I joined my sweet husband at work for a quick bite to eat and I noticed something horribly wrong with his office… All of the pictures that I had so lovingly framed and put together for him of our family were horribly out dated.  Some of them were missing key family members because they weren’t even born yet! With Fathers Day approaching I thought this would be a great opportunity to bring his office surroundings up to the present day. The issue, he needs his desk to actually work so… I needed to come up with a fun idea that was also space saving as well.

The Photos

Like many people out there I have fallen in love with Instagram and I thought it would be a fun idea to use my fun Instagram photos to create a magnetic memo board for my Honey’s office. My sweet friend Kellie from Nest of Posies turned me onto StickyGram9 while we were at SNAP! and I thought it would be a perfect way to liven up my husband’s work space.  StickyGram has such a fabulous idea… they turn your Instagram photos into a cute little magnet that is perfect to dress up your fridge, your work space, dorm room… where ever you can stick a magnet…  now you can stick your Instagrams. I LOVE this idea.

This is such a fun way to get a snapshot of real life, not just those posed family pictures that we all love.  This is a slice of real life. 

The Magnetic Board

I headed to the brand new Container Store here in Las Vegas and found the perfect magnetic memo board for the job.

You can’t see it here but it’s long, 2.5 x 28 inches perfect for adding several StickyGrams. Of course, being myself I wanted to dress it up a bit.  I couldn’t just hand him a long strip of stainless steal and some magnets and call it good.  It needed to be Whipperfied! 

Granted, I know the poor guy does not want a single felt flower or a lick of burlap to ever set foot in his office space… gasp, what would the guys think? They all say they don’t care… but they do care what other guys think! I knew it needed to be masculine and understated in order for it to fit the space. I found some vintage looking paper and thought it would look great if I decoupaged that right onto the magnetic strip.

The Supply List

The Instructions

  1. Place the magnetic strip on some freezer paper and lift it up on some plastic knives or whatever is handy, it just keeps the board from resting directly on the paper while you are using the Decoupage.
  2. Cut the strips of paper into 2.5 inch strips. Because of the length of the metal strip I need a few sheets of paper. 
  3. Apply a thin coat of Decoupage directly onto the surface of the metal.
  4. Carefully apply the first piece of paper onto the metal and secure into place by appling another thin coat of Decoupage onto the  surface of the paper.

  1. Once you finish appling the paper let it dry for a bit.  The beautiful thing about the Decoupage is that it dries to the touch pretty fast.  However, I would still let it sit for a couple of hours before I did anthing else to it, just to be safe.

The Design

Now even though I was trying to keep this pretty low key, I wanted it to symbolize that it was a Fathers Day gift from us, so I created a classy image to put in the corner of the memo board.  I printed it directly on the paper  so it fit seamlessly into the general design of the memo board. Here it is if you would like to download it and use it for a board of your own.

Click on the arrow at the bottom of the box and the download will automatically start. This printable if for WhipperBerry followers {please follow via Facebook, Twitter, Feeburner, Email, Pinterest or Instagram} and is for personal use only.

Before you apply your printed image to the board, test it with the Decoupage just to make sure the ink doesn’t smear.  I didn’t have an issue, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When it dries it looks beautiful!!

The Finishing Touches

Once your board is dry, all you have to do is find the best instagram photos to share.  I created several sheets of my Instagram pictures that I thought my husband would love. 

Not all of them fit on the board at one time, but that’s the fun of it!  I put all of the extras into a jar that he can keep on his desk and then he can switch them out as often as he likes.

The lovely thing is that every once in a while I can purchase a new sheet of StickyGrams to freshen up his fun board.  It’s perfect!! It doesn’t take up too much space and it doesn’t have all the same old pictures all the time.  I LOVE it!!  I hope my Mr. will love it too.

The Deal

The amazing folks at StickyGram have offered all of you, my favorite friends… 10% off your total first purchase!!   All you have to do is enter WHIPPERBERRY at checkout to receive the discount. Cheers StickyGram… you guys are the best!


  Here is another fun Fathers Day easy gift idea for you.  Add a fun printable to a bottle of soda that says, “Pop you put the Fizz in my Life.”  It’s another fun way to show your sweet Dad how much you love an appreciate all that he does for you and your family! Visit this post for the free printable Fathers Day gift tag.

Happy Fathers Day everyone!!



Disclaimer | This is not a paid post for any of the companies mentioned in the post.  I contacted StickyGram myself and asked for the discount code for you all, they did not solicit me for this post. |


  1. says

    You seriously have one of the most creative minds and blogs out there. I love your work and this is just one example why. Attainable projects even those of us who aren’t “crafty” can do!

  2. says

    Fantastic Idea… love everything about it. This is one of the most creative and personalized gift ideas that I have seen in a while. Your Whipperfied details are perfect… girl you are so talented!! Thanks for sharing this idea (of course, I pinned it). AJ@queenfomynest

  3. Shawna says

    I really like your idea! The only problem is I don’t have an iPhone…do you know of any other companies that could make photos into magnets?

  4. says

    i love this idea way more for my husband’s new office and i will save the fabric weaving corkboard for my own office and add the flower!

    i would love to know what font you used for Daddy. it would be perfect for the firetruck team tee that i am working on. especially with the way the word is underlined with the tail of the y.

    thank you, sarah

  5. Carol says

    I love this magnetic strip w/magnetic pics (for Daddy’s Day)! We travel lots in RV & this is perfect for our limited space!!!
    We have 5 children/9 grandchildren and we love ability to change pictures!!
    Thank you!! Carol

  6. Debi says

    I honestly was just walking past some pictures the kids have drawn thinking, ‘Allen needs some place to hold up pictures the kids draw for him’. I sit down and TADA! A PERFECT idea for work!

    Thanks a ton!


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