No-Sew Donut #Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive

A Donut Costume for your “Sweetie”

I am a sucker for a great donut aren’t you?! Not only are they so tasty, but they can be incredibly cute, too! That’s why I’m head-over-heels for this adorable no-sew Halloween costume!


Printed Paper Bags

One of my favorite crafts I made for my niece’s Pink Safari Party had to have been these printed paper bags. Since we were doing a popcorn bar, I figured it would be best to use bags as opposed to plates to help keep the mess down. But, really, how boring are plain paper bags?…

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{No-Sew} Fabric Bookcase | Atkinson Drive

{No-Sew} Fabric Book Case

This book holder has been a LONG time coming and I’m so relieved to be able to share it with you! 44 weeks ago I pinned this image from Penny Carnival. I’ve had everything I needed to make one of these for at least a good 3 months now. When I finally got myself around…

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Weekly Cleaning Schedule | Atkinson Drive

Weekly Cleaning Board

Being in our new house has caused me to re-evaluate my cleaning habits. Keeping up with this place can be quite a chore {cheesy pun intended}, so I’ve started working on a cleaning schedule for myself. I have gotten into a pretty good weekly cleaning habit, but I’m still developing my monthly and quarterly chores….

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Coffee Filter Flowers | Atkinson Drive

Coffee Filter Flowers

Today I’m sharing a super quick and easy project with you. For some time now I’ve been trying to come up with a simple centerpiece idea that can easily switch between my dining table and kitchen island. Most of the time our kitchen table is too full of clutter to have anything pretty on it,…

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DIY Coloring Pages | Atkinson Drive

DIY Coloring Pages

I am super stoked to show you this tutorial today! As you may have seen from the Pink Safari Party photos, to help entertain the kiddos I created some customized coloring pages of the party girl. A ton of people have been asking how I did this, so I am going to give you the…

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Weekly Menu Board

Homemaker Monday {Weekly Menu Board}

If you’re on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen a variety of menu boards out there. I have been drooling over all of these since before we moved into the house, but I made myself put it off until we were settled in. My life seems better somehow now that I have a weekly menu board….

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DIY Tulle Pouf | Atkinson Drive

DIY Tulle Poufs

I have a huge announcement to make! The husband’s brother & his wife just adopted an adorable baby girl!!! It has been a long and harrowing process for them to get to this point {one day I’ll tell you the story} and I am just over the moon excited for them. And who has the…

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Summertime Yarn Wreath | Atkinson Drive

Summertime Yarn Wreath DIY

As I have mentioned before, the wreath in our family room is one that I plan to change for the holidays & seasons; but, I don’t want to buy a new wreath form every time there is a change…not to mention I don’t have that kind of storage space. So I am trying to make…

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Make your own coasters with this step-by-step tutorial, and $5! Beautiful, and affordable - they also make wonderful gifts for the hoidays. /// by Atkinson Drive (with free printables)

DIY Tile Coasters {with free download}

Since I refinished my beautiful side table for the family room, I knew it was time to get me some coasters so we don’t ruin the newly finished wood. I’m really trying to go for a mix of rustic and modern in our family room; of course I’ve been searching on Pinterest for the perfect…

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Cupcake Wreath Ribbon Detail

{Patriotic} Cupcake Wreath

OK, so in my quest to get fit & healthy I may have overdone it with the core exercises yesterday… Not that it’s a bad thing; everyone can use some exercise now and then but jeez! This morning I am rewarding myself with a delicious, healthy banana almond smoothie…trust me you’ll want to try it!…

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Easy Fabric Headboard

Easy Fabric Headboard

Hello friends! This project has been a long time coming and I am anxious to share with you! We have just moved into a new home that is about 2 times the size of our previous apartment. That being said, we are having a difficult time furnishing it affordably and stylishly. I am the type…

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