Chocolate Pinwheel Biscuits

Chocolate Pinwheel Biscuits | Atkinson Drive

Have I ever mentioned to all of you how much I LOVE Bakerella?! Well if I haven’t – I am obsessed with her! Everything she makes is so adorable and delicious. I wish I could make everything she ever posts…seriously! Anyway – this morning when I was on Bloglovin’ I saw a new post for […]

Top 30 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Just Like You

Like I said before, I am pretty particular about what I will and won’t get the husband for gifts. I try to get things he can eat, or will really use, as opposed to photos and artwork that will just clutter up his office. In case you are a picky gift-giver like I am, I […]

Peanut Butter Cup Blended Coffee

PB Cup Drink

So before I give you this decadently delicious recipe, I have to tell you the story behind it! While I was in high school I worked on the sales floor at the local Target. Almost every lunch break one could find me at our Starbucks store coming up with fun new drinks to try with […]