Handprint Paper Plate Pumpkins

{Handprint} Paper Plate Pumpkins | Atkinson Drive

I must warn you now…this post is riddled with pictures! I guess I have a tendency to go overboard when little man is doing a project. It’s just so adorable I can’t help myself! This is the perfect harvest project for little ones. It’s so simple, but has several different components to keep the attention […]

Frozen Dino Eggs

Frozen Dino Eggs | Atkinson Drive

I’m sure other moms with boys can relate to my current situation…little man is obsessed with dinosaurs right now! I try to steer clear of buying toys that I think will be just a phase for him, but I’ve had a hard time with the dinosaur thing. There’s just so much cute stuff out there, […]

Saturday School – The Letter ‘C’


We learned all about the letter C this week! Check it out… Our Bible story was The 10 ‘C’ommandments We made number caterpillars Traced our letter ‘Cc’ But the most fun was making cotton ball caterpillars!!! {it’s hanging on the fridge at this very moment}

Totally Tots Thursday {Goop Play}

Goop Play | Atkinson Drive

During a recent run of thunder storms, I was hard-pressed to find something exciting to occupy little man’s time. After doing some research on Pinterest, I thought it would be fun to have a goop play day. Using a standard oobleck “recipe,” I mixed up 1/4 c. of corn starch and 1/4 c. water. I […]

Totally Tots Thursday {Potty Training}

Potty Training Tips

Recently, little man has been displaying signs that he’s ready to potty train. According to most, he’s still a little young {for a boy} to potty train – and I know that the earlier you push for it the more difficult of a process it can be. I had been putting off officially potty training […]

Abstract Finger Painting

Abstract Finger Painting | Atkinson Drive

Lately we have had quite a few storms around here. I am so not complaining, though – we have been extremely low with our rain levels this year we desperately needed it. We’re still a good 7″ below normal & under water restriction…but the rain lately has been wonderful. Since I haven’t been able to […]