Sunday Special {Week 8}


In case you haven’t noticed…THE BLOG HAS A NEW LOOK!!! I am super excited to FINALLY show it off to you all! It has been a few weeks in the making and I’ve finally finished it – I hope you love it as much as I do! :-) First off…the most popular Atkinson Drive post […]

Sunday Special {Week 7}


Welcome back to Sunday Special at Atkinson Drive! For THREE weeks in a row, the Menu Board was our top post for the week, but my Simple Chevron Wall was a very close second. Honestly, I think this is one of my very favorite projects…it has added so much fun to little man’s room and […]

Sunday Special {Week 6}

Sunday Special | Atkinson Drive

This has been such an exciting week for the Atkinson Drive blog! We are just into our 3rd month, and we’ve hit over 10,000 views. That might not seem like a lot for some more seasoned blogs, but I am really encouraged and can’t wait to see what the future will bring…I look forward to […]

Sunday Special {Week 5}


This week has been so crazy with the husband hurting his foot and all. I can tell you it’s 10 times more difficult to take care of a 2-year-old when you also have to wait hand and foot {no pun intended} on your husband also! Since I don’t have much time to blog I’ll be […]

Sunday Special {Week 4}


Hello beautiful blog readers! This Sunday Special is going to be short and to-the-point. I just got back from a phenomenal dinner with the husband to celebrate our four year anniversary – a beautiful night full of delicious food & wine! I’m hoping to get a detailed post about dinner written soon…keep an eye out! […]

Sunday Special {Week 3}


OK…so the most popular Atkinson Drive post for this week is the Pantry Door Re-Vamp {again}! It is probably my favorite one, too, so I don’t blame you guys! Just to add some variety, our 2nd most popular post was the Toddler Shopping List – a feature from Totally Tots Thursday. Cutest Kids Food: The […]