Weekly Cleaning Board

Weekly Cleaning Schedule | Atkinson Drive

Being in our new house has caused me to re-evaluate my cleaning habits. Keeping up with this place can be quite a chore {cheesy pun intended}, so I’ve started working on a cleaning schedule for myself. I have gotten into a pretty good weekly cleaning habit, but I’m still developing my monthly and quarterly chores. […]

Homemaker Monday {Weekly Menu Board}

Weekly Menu Board

If you’re on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen a variety of menu boards out there. I have been drooling over all of these since before we moved into the house, but I made myself put it off until we were settled in. My life seems better somehow now that I have a weekly menu board. […]

{Patriotic} Cupcake Wreath

Cupcake Wreath Ribbon Detail

OK, so in my quest to get fit & healthy I may have overdone it with the core exercises yesterday… Not that it’s a bad thing; everyone can use some exercise now and then but jeez! This morning I am rewarding myself with a delicious, healthy banana almond smoothie…trust me you’ll want to try it! […]

Easy Fabric Headboard

Easy Fabric Headboard

Hello friends! This project has been a long time coming and I am anxious to share with you! We have just moved into a new home that is about 2 times the size of our previous apartment. That being said, we are having a difficult time furnishing it affordably and stylishly. I am the type […]

Trash & Recycle Can Labels

Recycle Can Title

When we lived in our apartment, there wasn’t really any option for recycling. Well, let me re-phrase that…there were recycle bins next to the trash compacter for the complex; but, within a day of the trash men coming, all of the 4 recycle cans would be full and there was no option but to throw […]

Manly Mustache Wall Art

Manly Mustache Bathroom Art

The other day I was getting increasingly frustrated with how bland and boring our master bathroom is. I needed something to liven it up – short of painting, changing the flooring, installing colorful tiles, etc. I decided to make a fun project for the hubs’ sink area. So, before he left for work I stealthily […]