Join me in taking back Family Dinner Night!

Taking Back Family Dinner Night

I must admit that I’ve been a little frazzled lately. With 3-Day Preschool starting, running a small business, and keeping up with my household, dinner has migrated to very low on the priority list. But I can’t stop thinking about that, and how terrible it is; not only for our health, but for our family….

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Quick & Easy Homemade Baby Food for Every Budget by Atkinson Drive

Homemade Baby Food for Every Budget

When my oldest son was a baby, I slaved for hours to make and freeze his baby food. After all, it’s cheaper and better for baby. But at what cost?! It literally took me several days to make all of his food – quinoa, beans, carrots, etc – portion it in little ice cube trays…

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Red, White & BBQ (with fall-off-the-bone ribs) | Atkinson Drive

Red, White & BBQ Party (Plus Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs)

Happy Memorial Day! I have a great, patriotic “Red, White & BBQ” celebration to share with you today. It was so much fun to prepare this party for our friends, and everyone seemed to truly enjoy it! Read on for all the details!

Red Potato Salad (the best you'll ever have) | Atkinson Drive

Red Potato Salad (the best you’ll ever have)

It’s the start of grilling season, and I love to have a good arsenal of Summertime recipes. If you’re like me, and enjoy collecting refreshing cookout recipes, you’ll want to jot this one down for sure. Plus, it’s great for potlucks and other group meals!

Pinworthy Features: Mother's Day Treats

Pinworthy Features: Mother’s Day Treats

There were so many beautiful projects and delicious-looking recipes linked to the Pinworthy Projects Party this week. I had such a hard time choosing my favorites, so I decided to share with you my favorite Mother’s Day Treat ideas! It’s coming up quickly, and these are a few recipes and ideas you can whip up…

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How to Cook the Perfect Steak | Atkinson Drive

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

This week, the husband and I decided to try the Atkins diet. You might have remembered that last year we tried it, but I stopped when I found out I was pregnant because it was doing all kinds of crazy things to me! Well, now that I am done with the pregnancy and well into…

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