Family Room Built-Ins {Part 2}


Welcome to Part 2 of our Family Room Built-In Saga – “Building the Right-Side Shelving Unit” *View Part 1 Here* The husband was wonderful and really did a lot of the building all by his lonesome so I could wrangle & entertain the little man. Props to him! We started out making basic wooden boxes […]

Side Table Re-Vamp {How-To Distress Furniture}

Distressed Side Table

I found this pair of 70s-style side tables at Goodwill for $10 – what a steal! I couldn’t pass up such a bargain, though I was getting a lot of flack about these ‘ugly’ tables from the husband {he just doesn’t see the potential in less-than-beautiful furniture}. In the end I won because, let’s face […]

Kids Toy Storage Re-Vamp

Finished Playroom Storage

The husband’s parents live up north in Michigan where they frequently go garage-saleing on the weekends. Shortly after we moved into the house, they came down to bring us some of their finds. One of the items was this awesome toddler coat rack / cubby system they picked up for just $10! It was such […]

Trash Can Hamper

Trash Can Hamper

Months ago on Pinterest {where else?}, I found this adorable outdoor, metal trash can turned precious large-family kitchen can by Rebekah Merkle. I was determined to make this project for my family until I realized we didn’t really have the space for such a large trash can in our kitchen, nor did we need something […]