A Limoncello Accent Wall

Limoncello Accent Wall | Atkinson Drive

Recently, I decided to re-paint our family room. It used to be a light beige with red undertones…a nice color, but it didn’t go with the overall feel of the home that I was going for. So, I painted over the beige with a medium gray color. I love it, but there was one problem. […]

Abstract Finger Painting

Abstract Finger Painting | Atkinson Drive

Lately we have had quite a few storms around here. I am so not complaining, though – we have been extremely low with our rain levels this year we desperately needed it. We’re still a good 7″ below normal & under water restriction…but the rain lately has been wonderful. Since I haven’t been able to […]

Vintage Milk Can Restoration


How often do you see those beautiful vintage milk cans around and think you’d love to have one in your house? All the time? Me too! A few weeks ago I finally broke down and purchased one. The milk can was in a state of disrepair, but it was the right price! My original goal […]