Little Girl Nursery Inspiration Board

Mood Board Monday | Atkinson Drive

Some of you have already heard about the big announcement around here: we’re expecting Baby #2! At 14 weeks along, it’s still too early to find out if we’re having a girl or a boy {though little man just keeps telling me it’s a puppy}. But, I’m DYING to know…it’s killing me…I just want to […]

A Creative Office Space: Come to Life

A Modern Tech Office | Atkinson Drive {a cement gray office space with blue and orange pops of color}

Back in December, I shared a mood board with you that I’m hoping you remember (if not, here’s a refresher). My husband got a new office at work, and from the time they started building, I was planning! Lucky for me, my man isn’t picky about decor and realizes that I am the interior decorating […]

Pantone Inspired Spring 2013 Home Decor

Mood Board Monday | Atkinson Drive

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this crazy Spring/Winter storm Virgil moving through the whole of the Northern United States. We are some of the lucky ones who get to experience it *joy*! I’m starting to think that we’ll be egg hunting in the snow…a first for me. Maybe we’ll be able to make some […]

Outdoor Spring Space

Mood Board Monday | Atkinson Drive

Yesterday was the best weather we’ve had in a long time. It actually got up into the 70’s at one point…which is amazing! The sun wasn’t really out, but it also wasn’t raining as forecasted, so I was happy. That one day of gorgeous weather has me really craving some outdoor time. What better time […]

Traditionally Modern Kitchen Mood Board

Mood Board Monday | Atkinson Drive

I love looking at gorgeous kitchen remodels. One of my favorite styles is a dark kitchen cabinet. I know that white is very in and traditional, but black adds a classy, polished feel to a kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are dark and I love them. They are a great neutral item to start with when […]

Guest Bedroom Oasis

Mood Board Monday | Atkinson Drive

I absolutely love being a hostess. One of my favorite things about moving into our new home was all of the space we acquired for guests. Little known fact about myself: I used to be a front desk employee at Marriott. The training they gave me was incredible, and I reference it often times when […]