Saturday School – The Letter ‘C’

We learned all about the letter C this week! Check it out… Our Bible story was The 10 ‘C’ommandments We made number caterpillars Traced our letter ‘Cc’ But the most fun was making cotton ball caterpillars!!! {it’s hanging on the fridge at this very moment}

Potty Training Tips

How We Survived Potty Training

Recently, little man has been displaying signs that he’s ready to potty train. According to most, he’s still a little young (for a boy) to potty train – and I know that the earlier you push for it the more difficult of a process it can be. Because of this, I have been putting off…

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Abstract Finger Painting | Atkinson Drive

Abstract Finger Painting

Lately we have had quite a few storms around here. I am so not complaining, though – we have been extremely low with our rain levels this year we desperately needed it. We’re still a good 7″ below normal & under water restriction…but the rain lately has been wonderful. Since I haven’t been able to…

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Sunday Special {Week 2}

I have a question to ask all of you lovely readers out there: what do you think of starting a Sunday Special Link Party? I’m thinking it could be a really fun way to see all of your beautiful, fun and unique ideas! Let me know what you think. There have been some really great…

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Toddler Shopping List | Atkinson Drive

Printable Toddler Shopping List

Since my husband and I have been trying to eat a more healthy/balanced diet, I have been at the grocery store a lot more lately. Often times, the little man will get bored of being at the store and we all end up frustrated and most of the time leaving without all of the items…

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Colored Ice Sensory Play | Atkinson Drive

Colored Ice Sensory Play {Plus Soap & Water Play}

I was so excited to try a colored ice sensory play activity with the little man this last week! One morning after preparing breakfast, I got out the ingredients & equipment I would need to make the colored ice. My plan was to take him outside after nap time and let him go wild with…

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Edible Finger Paints

Edible Finger Paints

We don’t have a lot of kid’s craft supplies in our house, because without fail the little man finds them and uses them inappropriately {you know…on the walls and what not}. So, when I want to give him the opportunity to be creative through art, it’s always a quest for me to find things that…

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Finished Playroom Storage

Kids Toy Storage Re-Vamp

The husband’s parents live up north in Michigan where they frequently go garage-saleing on the weekends. Shortly after we moved into the house, they came down to bring us some of their finds. One of the items was this awesome toddler coat rack / cubby system they picked up for just $10! It was such…

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Sidewalk Chalk Painting

Outside Chalk Painting

The weather is getting more and more beautiful every day here in Indiana, so I’ve been rounding up some fun & easy activities for little man and I to take outside. When I saw this post at The Idea Room for Sidewalk Chalk Paint, I knew we had to try it! Can you believe those…

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