Family Room Built-Ins {Part 3} | Atkinson Drive

Family Room Built-Ins {Part 3}

This post marks Part 3 of our Family Room Built-In Saga: Building the Center Storage Bench *Check out Part 1 & Part 2 Here* Again, I have to give a ton of credit to the husband on this one – he is a building beast! He actually built most of the cabinets in one weekend…we’re…

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Family Room Built-Ins {Part 2}

Welcome to Part 2 of our Family Room Built-In Saga – “Building the Right-Side Shelving Unit” *View Part 1 Here* The husband was wonderful and really did a lot of the building all by his lonesome so I could wrangle & entertain the little man. Props to him! We started out making basic wooden boxes…

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Family Room Built-Ins {Part 1} | Atkinson Drive

Family Room Built-Ins {Part 1}

I am nervous and excited to share this new project! This is our first big building project! Our family room is pretty large {17′ x 17′} and I have been having a hard time finding a media console that is large enough to fit the wall, but affordable enough for our budget. The husband and…

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Distressed Side Table

Side Table Re-Vamp {How-To Distress Furniture}

I found this pair of 70s-style side tables at Goodwill for $10 – what a steal! I couldn’t pass up such a bargain, though I was getting a lot of flack about these ‘ugly’ tables from the husband {he just doesn’t see the potential in less-than-beautiful furniture}. In the end I won because, let’s face…

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China Cabinet Re-Vamp: Part 1

This lovely piece of furniture was a Goodwill find – it came in two pieces: this bottom section, and a top hutch with glass doors. {The hutch re-vamp will be coming soon}. After the success of some of my other Goodwill finds, the husband insisted that we snatch this up ASAP and do something fun…

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