If you have a few minutes, you can make these beautiful burlap and twine wrapped trees. They can be used for Christmas decor, or all year round! /// by Atkinson Drive

Burlap & Twine Christmas Trees

This is Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Decorations series … check out all of the posts here. I am always trying to think up new ways to re-use items. Especially craft supplies. So, when I bought some foam trees last year, I made sure to keep the bases in tact with the…

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Keep the spark of Christmas alive with this DIY "Do Not Open Until Christmas" North Pole Christmas gift delivery crate! /// by Atkinson Drive

North Pole Christmas Gift Delivery Crate

This is Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Decorations series … check out all of the posts here. Most of my shopping for the holidays is done online. I buy many of my children’s Christmas presents on zulily.com throughout the Fall season to get great deals on things they need (read more about…

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Get ready for Christmas with "12 Days of Christmas Decorations" that you can make yourself!

12 Days of Christmas Decorations

Christmas. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year! Each holiday season, I do my best to come up with a unique theme for my home decor. In honor of this tradition, I am so excited to be starting my newest series, 12 Days of Christmas Decorations! I realize that most people prefer to…

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Create a faux wood-backed bookcase with a few simple tools, 5 minutes of your time, and only $10! /// by Atkinson Drive

DIY Faux-Wood Backed Bookcase

We are a family of book lovers. My husband and I both have this dream to one day own a fabulous library with walls covered in books; and we’ve passed that love on to our children (well the 9-month-old might not be there yet). To help contain the crazy amount of children’s books we’ve collected…

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No-Sew Donut #Halloween Costume by Atkinson Drive

Smart School House: Donut Costume

This project was originally featured at Smart School House. I’m also thrilled that Redbook Magazine featured my sweet donut on their website! Click here for the full Donut Costume Tutorial

DIY (no-sew) Barnyard Beanbags by Atkinson Drive

Barnyard Beanbags

I love coming up with fun new things for my kids to do. Especially things that don’t require a ton of money. Recently, while helping a friend plan a Summertime Bash, the game corn hole was brought up. I immediately thought about how much fun my oldest son would have playing the game … until…

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