Barnyard Beanbags

DIY (no-sew) Barnyard Beanbags by Atkinson Drive

I love coming up with fun new things for my kids to do. Especially things that don’t require a ton of money. Recently, while helping a friend plan a Summertime Bash, the game corn hole was brought up. I immediately thought about how much fun my oldest son would have playing the game … until […]

Organized Entry & DIY Wooden Coat Hanger

An organized entry space with space for mail and a DIY rustic coat hanger | Atkinson Drive

This Winter I found myself a bit preoccupied with preparing for a little one’s arrival, so my plan for organizing my entry space fell to the wayside. With the harsh weather here in Indiana, it’s really necessary to have a place for guests and family members to hang coats, hats, rain gear, etc. when they […]

DIY Desk (for a craft space)

DIY Desk (using countertop pieces and IKEA desk legs) | Atkinson Drive

I have been wanting a dedicated craft space since (before) we moved into our house about 2 years ago. It’s been really difficult to bring myself to spend money on an organized space just for myself – but with the growth of the Atkinson Drive Etsy shops and the new family addition, I knew something […]

Rustic Dining Table Transformation (and GIVEAWAY)

Dining Table Transformation | Atkinson Drive

A while back I decided that I’d had enough of our dining table. Well, I knew from the moment we got it that eventually it would receive some sort of a makeover. It was given to us by a family friend, and I’m so thankful because it’s real wood and incredibly sturdy – which is […]

Vintage Window Chalkboard

Vintage Window Chalkboard | Atkinson Drive

I have been doing a lot of updating around here recently. The goal I set for our home over the New Year was to keep it cozy, classic, and cohesive. That’s when I came up with this whole-house color scheme.

DIY “Month by Month” Infant Onesies

DIY "Month by Month" Infant Onesies (with a free download) | Atkinson Drive

I can’t believe my little guy is already 5 weeks old (almost 6)! Each week I’ve been posting Instagram shots of him, but I wanted something a little more permanent and “professional” to keep track of the months. Because of the terrible flu going around, I’ve been trying to keep him inside as much as […]