Rustic Nursery Pallet Art

Rustic Nursery Pallet Art | Atkinson Drive

I have been waiting and waiting to share our little boy’s rustic nursery with all of you. I wanted to hold off doing a post about it until it was completely finished so I could share all the details at once. Unfortunately, the design isn’t quite perfected…but I’m not going to wait any more!

Holiday Book Page Banner (and free download)

Holiday Book Page Banner | Atkinson Drive

Normally, each year I genuinely try to give each holiday its special time in the spotlight. I keep my Fall and Thanksgiving decor up until Black Friday when I break out the Christmas decorations and go wild! But this year I find myself stressing a little more due to the fact that I’m going to […]

DIY Gauzy Swaddle Blankets

DIY Gauzy Swaddle Blankets | Atkinson Drive

I am so excited to share this project with you! While I was contemplating a baby shower gift for my friends (who we threw the Rustic Fall Baby Shower for) I came up with this super simple and affordable idea. It took one evening – of mostly wait time – to complete, and I even […]