10 Elegant Black & White Halloween Decor Ideas

10 Elegant Black & White Halloween Decor Ideas | Atkinson Drive

Those of you who have been reading along with me since the beginning are sure to know that I am not a huge Halloween fan. Of course I dress my little stud up and take him Trick or Treating every year, we have candy for the neighborhood children, and pumpkin carving is always on our […]

Traditionally Modern Kitchen Mood Board

Mood Board Monday | Atkinson Drive

I love looking at gorgeous kitchen remodels. One of my favorite styles is a dark kitchen cabinet. I know that white is very in and traditional, but black adds a classy, polished feel to a kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are dark and I love them. They are a great neutral item to start with when […]

Fun Yellow Sunroom

Mood Board Monday | Atkinson Drive

We have had some crazy weather around here lately. It’s no wonder everyone has been sick! Friday and Saturday were gorgeous Spring-like days. Unfortunately, today we have been back to cold, dreary, Winter weather. Being outside this weekend has me feeling exhilarated by the sunshine which inspired this Fun Yellow Sunroom. Enjoy! 1. Fun Yellow […]

Hanging Pallet Wood Shelves

Simple Chevron Walls | Atkinson Drive

You might remember that I am working on decorating little man’s room in a nautical theme. I have a few projects finished already, but it’s a long way from being completed. The biggest room update so far has been the chevron wall, and now I have built some hanging shelves to accent the space. My […]

{No-Sew} Fabric Book Case

{No-Sew} Fabric Bookcase | Atkinson Drive

This book holder has been a LONG time coming and I’m so relieved to be able to share it with you! 44 weeks ago I pinned this image from Penny Carnival. I’ve had everything I needed to make one of these for at least a good 3 months now. When I finally got myself around […]

Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers | Atkinson Drive

Today I’m sharing a super quick and easy project with you. For some time now I’ve been trying to come up with a simple centerpiece idea that can easily switch between my dining table and kitchen island. Most of the time our kitchen table is too full of clutter to have anything pretty on it, […]