Vintage School Chair Re-Vamp

Vintage School Chair Re-Vamp | Atkinson Drive

I have been searching for a cute kids chair to put in the play room for quite some time now. The only ones I have been able to find at our local antique markets are the chairs with desks attached to the back of them.{Like this one} Unfortunately, either I couldn’t find two chairs available […]

Kids Toy Storage Re-Vamp

Finished Playroom Storage

The husband’s parents live up north in Michigan where they frequently go garage-saleing on the weekends. Shortly after we moved into the house, they came down to bring us some of their finds. One of the items was this awesome toddler coat rack / cubby system they picked up for just $10! It was such […]

Easy Fabric Headboard

Easy Fabric Headboard

Hello friends! This project has been a long time coming and I am anxious to share with you! We have just moved into a new home that is about 2 times the size of our previous apartment. That being said, we are having a difficult time furnishing it affordably and stylishly. I am the type […]

Manly Mustache Wall Art

Manly Mustache Bathroom Art

The other day I was getting increasingly frustrated with how bland and boring our master bathroom is. I needed something to liven it up – short of painting, changing the flooring, installing colorful tiles, etc. I decided to make a fun project for the hubs’ sink area. So, before he left for work I stealthily […]