Summertime Yarn Wreath DIY

As I have mentioned before, the wreath in our family room is one that I plan to change for the holidays & seasons; but, I don’t want to buy a new wreath form every time there is a change…not to mention I don’t have that kind of storage space. So I am trying to make fun wreath decorations that aren’t permanent. My last one, as you may remember was a {Patriotic} Cupcake Wreath that I made for the 4th of July. As much as I loved this wreath, it was time for a new thing…something with a Summer vibe.

While looking around on Pinterest for wreath inspiration, I fell in LOVE with this Ruffles & Yarn wreath from Six Sisters Stuff {wonderful blog}!

And these little rosettes from The Pretty Poppy

Now that we have some inspiration…it’s time to get started!


Foam Wreath Form
Straight Pins
3 Felt Sheets
Hot Glue Gun
Circle Template

Since I was using a wreath form I already had, it was necessary to remove all of the cupcake wrappers, ribbon, and pins. This left me with my original foam wreath core.

Take the yarn of your choosing and pin the end onto your foam…re-pin every few inches to keep the yarn in place.

You can’t tell by the pictures, but I put one pin on the outside of the wreath and one on the inside to make it really secure.

After spending quite a bit of time testing out different wrapping methods, I found that taking the whole roll of yarn and weaving it under and over the wreath form was the fastest and easiest way to work. I went as fast as I could {not worrying about being sloppy with the yarn} for a few wraps and then pushed them all in line & pinned.

When you’re done it should look something like this! Mine definitely wasn’t perfect by any means…there were gaps & overlaps, but from a normal viewing distance you can’t tell at all! Not to mention, a lot of that will be covered up.

Now it’s time to cut the rosettes! The original tutorial from The Pretty Poppy recommends using a CD as your circle template, but I didn’t have one around and didn’t need large flowers, so I used a toddler cup. It worked perfectly well for me.

This process goes quickly if you fold your felt sheet into quarters and cut through all of the layers at once. I ended up with enough felt in the middle when I opened up the sheet that I could cut 5 circles out of each sheet of felt.

When your circles are cut out; cut them each into spirals.

Using your hot glue gun, roll the rosettes, gluing every few rolls.

I wanted a sort of ombre ruffle/flower effect, so I used two different shades of blue felt to make the ruffles. Cut each blue felt sheet in half lengthwise. After-the-fact I thought it would have looked nice to round the edges of the ruffles…maybe you could try and send me a picture? sam {at} atkinsondrive {dot} com

Pin the short edge of the cut felt onto the wreath…

Then fold the felt up and pin again to create the ruffle effect. To get a less uniform look, I put the pins in different locations each fold {some on the left, some on the right, and a few in the middle}. Just go with your gut and do what you think looks best!

At the end of the dark sheet, start the same way with the lighter sheet and ruffle. Pin the rosettes onto the wreath underneath the ruffle.

Last but not least, attach your ribbon and put your finished wreath on the wall!

I am loving the clean, beach-y look this wreath gives the family room. It looks so great with my Summertime Mantel – {though the wreath looks much smaller without the added volume of the cupcake wrappers}!

I’m thinking of adding a cute summer saying in vinyl to the window…any suggestions?

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