{Patriotic} Cupcake Wreath

OK, so in my quest to get fit & healthy I may have overdone it with the core exercises yesterday…
Not that it’s a bad thing; everyone can use some exercise now and then but jeez! This morning I am rewarding myself with a delicious, healthy banana almond smoothie…trust me you’ll want to try it! The recipe will be coming soon so keep an eye out for it.

Now, on to the real purpose of this post…

A few months ago I acquired 2 gorgeous vintage windows for an awesome price! Around here I’ve seen them range from $35 {without glass} to upwards of $80…but, I scored two of these babies for $20 each. Honestly, this is one of my favorite and most exciting bargains; I’ve been searching so long for a nice pair of windows!

Now that I’ve found and sealed them {so the chippy paint doesn’t get messed up}, I have to doll them up. I have a few ideas for Window #2, but I’ll save those for another day.

We have a very barren wall behind the couch in our family room, and it’s been driving me crazy since we moved into this house. I didn’t want to go crazy with family pictures all over, and we just can’t afford a huge piece of art {or several small pieces either}. So, I decided to hang Window #1 up there.

I didn’t want to detract from the beauty of the vintage paint or the glass; but, the plain window hanging on the wall just wasn’t doing it for me.
I have decided to hang a wreath on the window & change it out for the seasons and holidays! I am so excited because it’ll jazz up the blank wall, and be perfect with the decorated mantel!

This is the perfect simple & affordable project for every home. You can really customize to your specific home and style!

Tools & Equipment:
1 Foam Wreath Core {I got the 12″ one for flower arrangements}
Sequin Pins {small straight-pins with a flat top}
100 Mini Cupcake Liners {You won’t need all 100}
Matching Spool of Ribbon

*Optional first step: Paint your wreath a color that goes with your theme and let dry.

1. Start off by adding one layer of cupcake liners all the way around your wreath core.
Flip the liners inside out so the pattern is facing you, then use a pin to attach each liner to the foam. Leave space at the top for your ribbon.

2. Continue by attaching 2 more rows of liners to the wreath core {one on each side of the original layer}. I found that 3 rows were enough for the size of my wreath core and for hanging it on a wall. Add more layers if you feel necessary.

3. Fill in any noticeable gaps with extra cupcake liners.

4. Cut your ribbon to an appropriate length and attach it with a single pin onto your wreath. Fill in any gaps along the ribbon with cupcake liners.

Isn’t that amazing? Who would have ever known that cupcake liners would make such a beautiful wreath! And now when you’re ready to change it out for the season or holiday you don’t have to buy a brand new wreath; just get rid of the current cupcake liners, buy some more liners and ribbon, and you have a whole new look. {Not to mention now you don’t have to store a wreath for every holiday!}

I thought the wreath was a little lonely on Window #1 all by itself, so I cut some vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo and adhered it to the window glass for a bit of fun & flare!

Send me pictures of your Cupcake Wreaths and/or window displays – I’d love to see them!
sam {at} atkinsondrive {dot} com


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