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Happy 2013!!!! How did you all ring in the new year? We did absolutely nothing, but I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

And now for my first post of the new year! *eek*
I actually finished this project quite some time ago, but I’ve been putting off sharing it with you because of all the holiday hype. There were so many other recipes & crafts to share, that there just wasn’t time to fit it in.

{Black} Painted Front Door | Atkinson Drive

There aren’t words to express how thrilled I am with my new black door! *gah* I just love it! As many of you know, our home is very builder-grade. We opted for as few upgrades as possible when we built, because we knew we could make changes ourselves for much cheaper. As a result of this, we ended up with white doors, trim & walls…bland an boring!

Home Tour | Atkinson Drive

The way our foyer is set up, makes it feel like a sea of white. The initial entryway is 2-stories tall, and because of this we have put off painting it. There’s just not a good stopping point on the wall anywhere. Since my husband and I both have a thing with ladders, I have a feeling we’ll end up hiring someone to paint the entryway sometime…but that’s a whole ‘nother post!

{Black} Painted Front Door | Atkinson Drive

As I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with this space to spruce it up {without painting the walls}…I saw a post with tips on how to paint interior doors. I went out that day to purchase my paint!

{Black} Painted Front Door | Atkinson Drive

My initial thought was to go with a bright color like yellow or turquoise; but, our front living room is the ‘formal’ room in our house and I didn’t think either of those would work in the space. That’s when I opted for a deep, glossy black. It looks gorgeous with the black piano, and really adds some drama to the entryway. Since you can see the front door all the way at the back of the house, I am thrilled with the dimension it brings.

This was an incredibly easy process. Because our doors are painted with latex paint, that’s what I used to paint the door a glossy black. To start off, I removed the door’s hardware and painted all of the details with a brush. Then the flat areas got a coat using a foam roller. I did this several times to get the coverage I wanted, with some light sanding in between where necessary.

{Black} Painted Front Door | Atkinson Drive

I have heard some horror-stories about other bloggers trying to paint their doors black, so I was incredibly nervous about this process. But it turned out great and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Have you ever painted a door in your home? Did your experience end up being amazing or less-than-stellar?

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      Thank you! I would go for it if I were you – just make sure the type of paint you use is the same as what’s already on the door! :-)

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    Love it! What color is the other side? I painted our front door black two houses ago {have we really moved that much?} and we loved it. The black was on the outside and for the life of me I can’t remember what color the inside was painted. We painted the inside & outside of the entire house so I know it wasn’t left white.

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      I left the other side red to match the shutters. I thought about painting it black, but it wouldn’t have gone with our color scheme.

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    I love this and am about to do the same (although to both sides of the door) in our house. But how do you know what kind I paint is already on the door?? (I’m a DIY newbee!) thanks for this blog. Found you on a Pinterest search by the way!

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      I already knew what kind of paint we had, but I believe if you take a cotton ball soaked in ammonia and rub it on the door it should tell you. If the paint comes off it’s water-based paint, and if it doesn’t it’s oil-based. I hope this helps you out! I’d love to see the finished product! atkinsondrive {at} yahoo {dot} com

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