{Minted} School Desk Re-Vamp

There’s not much I love more than a {basically} FREE furniture re-vamp! The husband’s parents gave us this desk a few weeks ago. It was in pretty bad shape, but the bones were great. I loved the shape of the piece, and it’s the perfect size for an accent table.

What do you guys think? I must admit that I’m pretty obsessed with it! The light mint color is gorgeous next to our dark grey walls, and the oil-rubbed bronze pulls really pop now.

Here’s a picture of the finish on the desk just before I got to work on it. Whew! That finish was just calling out for some love & affection {I am also re-vamping the matching chair, but that’s for another time}! For me it’s been difficult to find pieces that are real wood & still sturdy, so I knew I had a great piece on my hands.

After re-finishing the desk, I placed it in the entrance to the master bedroom as a console-type table. I’ve been searching for something to put near the door where we can place our keys, empty our pockets, etc. Bonus points for being a place where I can work on my laptop and store blog stuff!

I couldn’t get a great picture of the knobs, but they have great detail on them. It’s really hard to find that sort of craftsmanship these days. And I can’t get over the doors that lock! We don’t have the keys for them, but I think it’s a great vintage touch.

As you can tell from my pictures, the color of the desk really has a life of its own. Most of the time the color is similar to the first photo; however, sometimes it looks almost white with a hint of blue.

For a touch of pizazz, I painted the sides of the drawers yellow. In real life the color feels a little more pastel. It’s definitely lighter, and I love it! The drawers were in great condition, so I only painted the sides. Maybe soon I’ll line the drawers with a colorful wrapping paper. The chair that goes with this desk may or may not be getting a fun pop of yellow also… ;-)

This is a photo of the desk from the entrance to our room. The other door just past the desk is our bathroom door. I am working on finding some great accessories to spruce up the space a little, but for now I am incredibly proud of how the desk turned out! It always amazes me how a simple can of paint can do wonders for a piece.

*EDIT: I used Dutch Boy Dura Clean paint in Satin to re-finish this piece. The colors are Fresh Mint & Lemon Trees by Dutch Boy.

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  1. says

    Love it! The pop of yellow is perfect! You may find a key that works, older locks like that are terribly simple. The antique key I gave my husband when we were dating serendipitously fit in a roadkill treasure we picked up while living in Florida. Good luck!

    • says

      Thank you so much! I think this is my FAVORITE piece I’ve ever refinished! I made an edit above with the paint colors…they’re both Dutch Boy!

  2. Dixie says

    Great job! I have an old desk from my parents home that I’ve been wanting to refinish but just couldn’t think of a good color for the style of desk. I was going to try to stain it but since the deak I have is very similar to yours I think I’ll borrow your idea of painting it a nice mint color. Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

  3. says

    So cute. It’s so much like a desk I just found curbside. Mine was redone a dark swirly pattern by whomever redid it before. This light color you chose is sweet!

  4. Heather says

    Okay… Now I want it back!!! Lol
    Can’t wait to see it in person! You are so amazing! God has really blessed you with a unique talent for color, design, and style.
    P.s. I almost threw it in the burn pile! Arghhhhhhhh!

    • says

      Thanks! Mint is my current obsession. I knew the pulls would look better painted than in their original state, but I wasn’t expecting them to go SO well with the mint…I think I’m in love <3 !

  5. says

    I wondered what you meant by “minted” and now I can see, it’s just lovely! What a beautiful color and it does look fantastic against the gray wall. Nice work!

  6. says

    I really really really like the color you used. What a drastic transformation from UGLY to gorgeous…..
    You are awesome!

    happy Halloween!
    hugs ~ Crystelle

  7. says

    Great job! It definitely looks better! I know you mentioned a chair, but I also wonder if something centered under the open area would give it a unitized look for your console idea. A stack of old suitcases, decorative boxes, baskets, or a cube shaped ottoman….might be fun! The chair can be an accessory to the side. I like the drawer pulls! It’s great that you found a way to repurpose it!

  8. says

    I love refinished furniture..it’s so fun! And that desk is amazing…I’m totally jealous! Visiting from the blog party – Marvelous Mondays :)

  9. says

    Saw your desk over at Emily Clark’s link party. Thanks for sharing. My grandfather gave me one that looks just like it and now I know I must paint it!


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