Grow Up Your Sloppy Joe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • A loaf of Artisanal bread - we like to use sourdough
  • Ground beef (the lower the fat content the better)
  • Your favorite BBQ sauce ... one with beer in it is always good
  • Baby spinach
  1. Set the broiler to high, and lightly toast your bread while cooking the beef.
  2. Brown the ground beef (we find 1 lb. to be enough, but you can use as much as you need). Drain if necessary.
  3. Add your sauce to the beef and heat over medium until the mixture is warm.
  4. While the beef mixture is warming, butter one side of your bread slices.
  5. To assemble The Sloppy Joseph, pile the ground beef mixture onto a piece of bread, cover with a layer of baby spinach leaves, and top with another slice of buttered bread.
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