DIY Wood-Scrap Christmas Tree

OK, so I have been dying to share this project with you guys for months (literally)! This year our church has been going through a series called The Story. It’s not the Bible, but it is all scripture put into chronological order so it reads like a novel. With The Story we just happened to be reading the Christmas story in July…so of course we had to have a Christmas in July celebration!

Wood Scrap Christmas Tree | Atkinson Drive

My husband and his fabulous team put together an incredible set with pallets and lights. If I could have brought it all home with me I would have (don’t think I didn’t try). But the focal point of the whole set was this gorgeous pallet wood Christmas tree they assembled. When I first saw it my jaw dropped. It was every crafters dream tree! My heart broke a little when I was told that I couldn’t actually bring the tree home and store it for 5 months until Christmas. *sigh*

Wood Scrap Christmas Tree | Atkinson Drive

Fortunately, this really is an almost free project. There was a center wooden post and four more coming down (like a teepee) for stability. The scraps of pallet wood were simply air-nailed around the posts until the desired look was achieved.

Wood Scrap Christmas Tree | Atkinson Drive

I just can’t get over how this simple and understated tree can be so incredibly stunning!

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  1. This is so neat! Thanks for sharing on Twirl & Take a Bow! :)

    - Brooke -

  2. You’re so right, it’s stunning. In the link list it caught my I right away. Thanks for sharing-Andrea

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