Holiday Book Page Banner (and free download)

Holiday Book Page Banner | Atkinson Drive

Normally, each year I genuinely try to give each holiday its special time in the spotlight. I keep my Fall and Thanksgiving decor up until Black Friday when I break out the Christmas decorations and go wild! But this year I find myself stressing a little more due to the fact that I’m going to […]

The Atkinson Drive 2013 Holiday Collection

Atkinson Drive Holiday Printables Collection 2013

As some of you are well-aware, there is an Atkinson Drive Etsy shop that specializes in digital and printed designs (invitations, party packs, etc). The shop has been growing like crazy the last few months which is incredibly exciting, and I’m thrilled about it! Just yesterday we released our very first collection – the 2013 […]

Rustic Fall Baby Shower

Rustic Fall Baby Shower | Atkinson Drive

As I mentioned earlier in the week, my friend Hannah and I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for a couple in our church small group. We wanted to have a more modern baby celebration than the “traditional” brunch type of ladies-only showers with games and little tea sandwiches. Ok…I know in reality […]