Pinworthy Projects Link Party

Mid-Centry Modern Address Plaque - Pinworthy Projects Link Party Feature

Welcome to this week’s party! I’ve been going through all of your lovely links from last week, and – really – it has been a bear to narrow down my favorites! You can see my top links on the Pinworthy Projects Party board on Pinterest … but here’s my favorite: DIY Mid-Century Modern Address Plaque […]

Home-a-Rama 2014: Week 4

Home-a-Rama 2014: M/I Homes | Atkinson Drive

Welcome to Week 4 of the Home-a-Rama 2014 home tours! I’m so sorry I missed last week – we were visiting family, and time just got away from me! This lovely house was built by M/I Homes. There is 6,000 sq. ft. of finished living space, and there are some really beautiful details that they […]

Gallery Wall Inspiration & Design Tips

Gallery Wall Inspiration | Atkinson Drive

Recently my Brother- and Sister-In-Law transferred to Twenty-Nine Palms in California. They were moved into a lovely two-story home, but shortly after the move I started receiving messages from my Sister-in-Law about what to do with all of their photos! She has piles and piles of already-framed pictures and was at a loss about what […]

Pinworthy Projects Link Party

Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast

I am SO sorry to be slacking on the link party stuff! We’ve been having fun with family the past few weeks, and it’s just slipped away from me. So, I’m sharing my #1 favorite link from last week, and you’ll find the party below … I can’t wait to get back into it and […]

Get Rid of Grimy Pillows!

How to Clean Your Grimy Pillow Cases | Atkinson Drive

I’m about to confess something to you guys, and I hope I’m not alone… i have grimy pillow cases *gah* I said it! For years I’ve struggled with our pillows being gross even after I wash them. It’s been so frustrating, so I’m not sure why I didn’t try to do something about it until […]