Home Tour

Since this blog focuses so much on home life, I thought I would give you a photo tour of our house! Some of these pictures were taken when we were still building, some are after we just moved in, and a few were more recently. I’m hoping to get before & after pictures posted as we finish the room designs. Enjoy your tour of our Atkinson Drive home.

Front House Exterior:

Once we decided to build our home, I started researching exterior color combinations. During my search I stumbled across a gorgeous photo of a grand home with green stucco, red and white accents, and a wood garage. I fell in love, and knew I wanted something similar for our home. Since we live in a deed-restricted community, there were certain requirements we had to follow; but, I am truly thrilled with how the colors worked out. We ended up with cactus green siding, red shutters and brick, and white accents.

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Rear House Exterior:

Picture Coming Soon
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This space welcomes all of our guests to our home, so I really want to make it cozy. It also connects to the formal living room and has sight-lines to the back of the house. Learn how to make your own wooden foyer storage here.

An organized entry space with space for mail and a DIY rustic coat hanger | Atkinson Drive

{Click here for a door painting tutorial}

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Formal Living Room:

This is the first room our guests see when they enter our home, and it houses my piano. I want to make it a “formal” space in the sense that there will be no television, and I’d love for friends & family to gather here when they come over. My goal is to have this space serve as an old-fashioned parlour of sorts.

Formal Living Room Seating Area

Formal Living Room Oversized Clock

Music Room

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My original plan for this kitchen was to have white cabinets with a dark glaze,  a dark countertop, and stainless appliances. But, with our home being only semi-customizable, we weren’t able to go for that look. Glaze wasn’t an option at all with our builder, and I knew I didn’t want stark white cabinets, so I went with a dark cabinet stain. The counters are a granite-like laminate (which I love!); and as you can see, we went with black appliances. Normally, I would not go this dark in a kitchen, but we get so much light in that it really works! The result is a modern yet homey space.

Painted and Distressed Pantry Door | Atkinson Drive
{Click here to see how I made the pantry doors}

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Dining Nook:

The back of our home is one big, open space. The dining nook connects the kitchen and the family room, and is our main eating area. I recently painted the spaces with a beautiful light gray, and a dark charcoal color, and currently I’m making changes to our existing dining room table so it flows better with the new aesthetic I’m going for.

Shabby Chic Dining Room Art

Dining Room (SW Iron Ore)

Dining Table Transformation | Atkinson Drive

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Family Room:

Ahh … this is the hub of our home. I have been working on a ton of changes in here. The goal has been to create a neutral space that is comfortable and inviting.

Vintage Window Chalkboard | Atkinson Drive


Living Room ( SW Pediment)

Living Room Decor

{Click here to see how I refinished the side tables)

Vintage Milk Can Side Table

{Click here to see how I fixed up this milk can}

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Technically the dining room, this space next to the kitchen has become a fun play area for my two sons and their friends.
I am keeping the walls white so the bright toys and artwork can shine.

Lorax Playroom Artwork
{See how I brought this toy storage piece back to life}

Play Kitchen

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Guest Room:

Picture coming soon
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Laundry/Mud Room:

This space gets a ton of use! Not only do we do laundry daily in here, this is our main family entrance to the home. I have completed a few practical projects for this room, but the pretty hasn’t been injected yet! My goal? Storage, storage, storage!

Homemade Laundry Soap

{Get my laundry soap recipe here}

DIY River Rock Boot Tray

{DIY River Rock Boot Tray}

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Picture coming soon
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Loft/Office/Craft Space:

The open loft upstairs has recently become my office / craft space. It’s great because I’m not closed off from the rest of the house, but I have a dedicated space to work. The kids also have a craft area here.

Rustic Electrical Spool Table
{Check out how I transformed this electrical spool into a table}

Pretty and Useful Craft Room Storage

Craft Room Sewing Space

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Library / Office:

My husband’s office also serves as the “library” in our home. We are a book-loving family, and having room to house all of our reading materials is very necessary.
So far, I’ve kept the walls white and given the space some “manly” qualities. We’re going for a vintage-y vibe in there. It’s not complete, but it’s a cozy space for my husband to work when he’s home.



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Master Bedroom:

Disclaimer: these photos look nothing like our current space! The bed has moved (and gotten larger), and I have added a seating area where I can feed my little guy at night. Other than that, the color scheme is the same. I’m going for a rustic/glam/modern vibe.

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Master Bathroom & Closet:

Literally nothing has been done in here since we moved in … except for adding some towel hooks by the sinks. But, it is my goal to at least get some better pictures for you guys!

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Kid’s Bathroom:

Sadly, very little has been done in our kid’s bathroom also. At one point I did have paint swatches up, but I painted back over them. I’m having a hard time nailing down a theme, but I think I’m leaning toward a vintage feel with some bright colors.

Kid's Bathroom

Kid's Bathroom

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Shane’s Room:

My oldest son’s room is undergoing a “big boy” transformation. Because he is still growing and has changing tastes, I am keeping his walls neutral. Pops of color are being added through accessories and bedding.

Kid's Room Mustache Art

{Free printables courtesy of The Handmade Home}

Kid's Room Reading Area

{Custom quilted minky blanket from Atkinson Drive Gifts}

Kid's Room Book Storage

Kid's Room Art
{DIY Hanging Pallet Shelves}

Kid's Room Rug & Step Stool

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Shiloh’s Room:

My baby boy’s nursery is probably my favorite room in the whole house! Again the walls are staying white, and I’ve brought color in with art and accessories.

Rustic Nursery Pallet Art | Atkinson Drive

{Click here for a tutorial on the pallet art}

Dresser to Changing Table Upcycle | Atkinson Drive

{Click here to see how I transformed this old dresser}

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And that concludes our home tour. I hope you enjoyed!