Homemaker Monday {DIY Surface Cleaner}

Homemade Surface Cleaner | Atkinson Drive

I’m so glad that the DIY Febreze went over so well last week…and since it did I want to share with you my new homemade surface cleaner. I have become increasingly frustrated with the rising cost of “green” cleaning products. As a mother of a toddler, I find it extremely important to have safe products […]

DIY Tulle Poufs

DIY Tulle Pouf | Atkinson Drive

I have a huge announcement to make! The husband’s brother & his wife just adopted an adorable baby girl!!! It has been a long and harrowing process for them to get to this point {one day I’ll tell you the story} and I am just over the moon excited for them. And who has the […]

Cloth Diapers vs. Disposables {A Cost Analysis}

Cloth vs. Disposables {A Cost Analysis} | Atkinson Drive

My little man has always had a tough time with disposable diapers – I’m talking horrible rashes that won’t let up no matter what, huge {and I mean huge} blowouts, and the list goes on. Around his 9 month birthday, I made the decision to switch him to {full-time} cloth diapers, much to the chagrin […]