Family Room Built-Ins {Part 3} | Atkinson Drive

Family Room Built-Ins {Part 3}

This post marks Part 3 of our Family Room Built-In Saga: Building the Center Storage Bench *Check out Part 1 & Part 2 Here* Again, I have to give a ton of credit to the husband on this one – he is a building beast! He actually built most of the cabinets in one weekend…we’re…

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Homemade Surface Cleaner | Atkinson Drive

Homemaker Monday {DIY Surface Cleaner}

I’m so glad that the DIY Febreze went over so well last week…and since it did I want to share with you my new homemade surface cleaner. I have become increasingly frustrated with the rising cost of “green” cleaning products. As a mother of a toddler, I find it extremely important to have safe products…

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Sunday Special {Week 2}

I have a question to ask all of you lovely readers out there: what do you think of starting a Sunday Special Link Party? I’m thinking it could be a really fun way to see all of your beautiful, fun and unique ideas! Let me know what you think. There have been some really great…

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DIY Tulle Pouf | Atkinson Drive

DIY Tulle Poufs

I have a huge announcement to make! The husband’s brother & his wife just adopted an adorable baby girl!!! It has been a long and harrowing process for them to get to this point {one day I’ll tell you the story} and I am just over the moon excited for them. And who has the…

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Buffalo Turkey Burgers | Atkinson Drive

Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Since the husband and I are on our quest to eat right, I have been searching for delicious ways to bring healthy foods into our lives. It’s not so easy with a meat & potatoes kind of guy around. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the wonderful healthy food blogs I have…

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Cloth vs. Disposables {A Cost Analysis} | Atkinson Drive

Cloth Diapers vs. Disposables {A Cost Analysis}

My little man has always had a tough time with disposable diapers – I’m talking horrible rashes that won’t let up no matter what, huge {and I mean huge} blowouts, and the list goes on. Around his 9 month birthday, I made the decision to switch him to {full-time} cloth diapers, much to the chagrin…

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Window Shopping Wednesday | Atkinson Drive

Window Shopping Wednesday {Logan Village Mall}

I am happy to be sharing my favorite local antique mall with you for the first installation of Window Shopping Wednesday! One of my best friends introduced me to the Logan Village Antique Mall when we first moved into our house, and I probably stop there twice a week. There are at least 30 vendors…

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Family Room Built-Ins {Part 2}

Welcome to Part 2 of our Family Room Built-In Saga – “Building the Right-Side Shelving Unit” *View Part 1 Here* The husband was wonderful and really did a lot of the building all by his lonesome so I could wrangle & entertain the little man. Props to him! We started out making basic wooden boxes…

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DIY Febreze | Atkinson Drive

Homemaker Monday {DIY Febreze}

Thanks for checking out Homemaker Monday! I am really excited to share this project with you today. Febreze is one of my all-time favorite “cleaning” products…I cannot lie. I have heard of people saying they spray pledge by the front door before company comes over so it smells clean & fresh; well, I do that…

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Sunday Special {Week 1}

Sunday Special is all about the special things this past week has provided. I will be revealing the most-viewed Atkinson Drive post, and highlighting some of my favorite items & posts from other blogs, Pinterest, whatever strikes my fancy! Enjoy, and feel free to send me your picks for Sunday Special – sam {at} atkinsondrive…

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Scrapbook Paper Photo Mat | Atkinson Drive

Scrapbook Paper Photo Mats

When we first moved into our apartment here in Indiana, we had a long barren hallway that led from the great room/kitchen to the garage, little man’s room, and the guest room. I knew I had to do something about it because everyone visiting would see it…but at the time we didn’t have a lot…

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Chocolate Filled Raspberries | Atkinson Drive

Foodie Friday {Chocolate Filled Raspberries}

I have so many recipes and food ideas to share with all of you that I have deemed it necessary to dedicate {at least} one day per week to food…I am calling it – Foodie Friday! Now, I have been really trying to eat healthy and kick any bad-food cravings I experience. One of my…

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